Wireless robot charging provider WiBotic joins the ARM Institute

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WiBotic Inc. today announced that it has joined the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, or ARM, Institute. Seattle-based WiBotic has developed wireless charging systems for aerial drones and mobile robots. The Pittsburgh-based ARM Institute is a collaborative devoted to public-private partnerships to strengthen U.S. manufacturing and defense through collaborative robots and workforce development.

In June 2020, WiBotic raised $5.7 million in Series A funding, and the company in August received Federal Communications Commission authorization for its 300-watt wireless charging systems. Last month, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration awarded WiBotic and other organizations a $5.8 million contract to develop methods for recharging lunar robots.

The ARM Institute works its members to develop a robust ecosystem for manufacturing innovation, including robotics technologies from sensors to software and artificial intelligence and quality control. The organization named Ira Moskowitz as CEO in March, surpassed 250 members in July, and has announced the funding of various manufacturing automation projects.

WiBotic wireless charging

Breakdown of WiBotic’s wireless charging system. Source: WiBotic

WiBotic brings power to ARM

“Of course, battery charging is a critical component for all robot operations, and since WiBotic’s technology is at the leading edge of innovation in that area, we are perfectly positioned to help ARM members optimize power delivery to single robots or across entire fleets,” stated the company.

“Our membership in ARM is particularly exciting, as WiBotic has an acute interest in supporting the American manufacturing sector,” it added. “Domestic manufacturing and strong national defense are deeply interconnected, yet more than 63,000 U.S. factories have closed since 2001. This is a trend we’re committed to reversing.”

“We’re also excited about the workforce development aspects of ARM,” said WiBotic. “Their funding of programs like apprenticeships and career pathways identify skills gaps in the manufacturing workforce and give students, job seekers and incumbent workers knowledge of and access to essential skills to continue technical training. These efforts provide a material benefit to industry directly, and by extension, enable us to foster the very best talent to grow our team.”

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