Veo Robotics announces two new certified systems integrators

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Veo Robotics

Veo FreeMove is an advanced safety system for industrial workcells with human-robot collaboration. | Image credit: Veo Robotics

Veo FreeMove is a safety-certified comprehensive 3D safeguarding system that implements dynamic speed and separation monitoring. The solution can work with any industrial robot, and adds a layer of safety to the robots’ work area. It allows safe and effective human-robot collaboration.

Veo Robotics is expanding its network of certified systems integrators. These integrators are qualified to perform a risk assessment of a given robotics application, implement the Veo FreeMove solution and then update the risk assessment to enable production to continue with the enhanced safety capabilities of FreeMove.

Veo’s systems integrator network is crucial to the success of the Veo solution. Integrators provide valuable expertise and execution needed to build manufacturing processes that are reliable and efficient.

In February, Veo announced its first Certified Systems Integrator, Calvary Robotics, and in April, alongside the safety-certified version of FreeMove, Veo announced Factory Automation Systems.

The company is adding two additional members of the Veo Certified Systems Integrator Program. Both companies offer FreeMove as part of its solution offering to customers.

ABCO Automation

ABCO Automation is a leading systems integrator that specializes in custom design-build services, fully automated turnkey systems, and build-to-print projects. ABCO has been in business for over four decades and serves an impressive repeat client base across North America and globally.


Established in 1955, PDSI supplies automated solutions in the design and build of custom equipment including assembly, welding, and test equipment, as well as integrated robot systems. Based in Ohio, they serve clients throughout North America.

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