Vention partners with OnRobot and FANUC

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Vention cobot arm and onrobot gripper
Vention is now offering the OnRobot gripper and FANUC CRX cobot. | Image credit: Vention

Vention, a manufacturing automation platform (MAP), announces recent product partnerships with collaborative robot tool maker OnRobot, along with the addition of the FANUC CRX cobot to the Vention product line. Vention’s MAP provides users with the engineering software and modular hardware they need to design, automate, order, and deploy factory equipment in a single digital environment. With thousands of modular parts, smart design tools, and real-time pricing, factory equipment can be designed in minutes—from anywhere, on any web browser.

OnRobot tools for cobot applications

The partnership with OnRobot combines Vention’s online-first manufacturing automation platform with OnRobot’s library of plug-and-play end-of-arm tools to accelerate the design and deployment of end-to-end cobot applications. With the addition of OnRobot’s plug-and-play tools for collaborative and light industrial robotics, manufacturing professionals can focus on scaling production with greater flexibility and efficiency.

The combination of offerings makes it even easier to automate tasks like machine tending, material handling, material removal and assembly. With solutions for grippers—parallel, flexible, magnetic, and vacuum alike—as well as vision cameras, sanding tools, screwdriving tools, and more, the application possibilities have now been significantly expanded.

We’re thrilled to be working with OnRobot to offer a range of industry-leading cobot solutions,” says Patrick Tawagi, Director of Application Development at Vention. “OnRobot’s suite of grippers and end-of-arm tools covers almost every application in the cobot market, and their straightforward interface combined with Vention’s platform makes them incredibly easy to deploy.”

OnRobot’s exciting partnership with Vention will make it easier than ever for companies of all sizes and skill levels to deploy collaborative automation,” says Kristian Hulgard, General Manager of the Americas division at OnRobot. “The combination of Vention’s superb MAP platform and OnRobot’s ever-expanding, award winning range of no fuss tools for collaborative applications will empower users to design and deploy advanced automation with unprecedented ease.” 

FANUC CRX now available from Vention

The partnership with FANUC is centered around the FANUC CRX cobot, this collaboration will enable prospective end-users, system integrators, and training centers to design and order complete, end-to-end robot cells directly from the Vention cloud platform.

Etienne Lacroix, Vention’s CEO, said, “The addition of FANUC CRX collaborative robots to the Vention platform will empower a new class of manufacturing professionals to design, program, order, and deploy robot cells in an intuitive, easy-to-learn environment. This is not only great news for users of FANUC and Vention, but for the North American manufacturing industry as a whole.”

Together, the FANUC CRX cobot and the Vention part library complement a range of existing products. With a payload of 10 kg, reach of up to 1.4 m, the CRX cobot is well suited for a breadth of applications including assembly, machine tending, and pick-and-place. The Vention platform features its own collection of modular parts designed specifically for the CRX collaborative robots, such as mounting plates, controller bracket, and pendant bracket, which are now available in the Vention part library.

Clients of Vention that order FANUC CRX collaborative robot cells online will have access to Vention’s remote support capabilities, including robot reach studies, Vention robot program templates, and a variety of deployment packages.

Dick Motley, Director of the Authorized System Integrator Network for FANUC America said, “Like all of FANUC’s robots, the CRX series offers our proven industrial quality and reliability. With its simple drag and drop programming features, and the ability to operate eight year maintenance-free, the CRX is truly a game changer for companies looking to lower costs and increase productivity. We are excited to bring the CRX to Vention’s online design platform, and recognize they offer a broad range of complementary technology and a unique sourcing alternative to make robotic automation accessible for small-to-medium-size companies in the Americas.”

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