Vecna Robotics, Alta Material Handling partner on AMRs

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Vecna Counter Balanced robot with a large box in a warehouse

Vecna Robotics, a Waltham, Mass.-based developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has partnered with Alta Material Handling (Alta MH), a distributor of material handling equipment. Alta MH will now have Vecna’s AMRs in its portfolio to offer to customers.

Alta MH and Vecna Robotics will support customer demand for automating pallet handling within distribution, warehousing and manufacturing centers across the United States. According to the companies, more than 1.8 billion pallets are in circulation in the U.S. each day, but less than 1% of material handling vehicles moving them are automated today.

“We’re excited for the potential of this partnership, particularly as we see demand for AMRs grow among our customer base as they learn more about the difference between AGVs and AMRs,” said Joe Bollman, manager of Alta Robotics. “Customers are asking for features like the ability to re-route in real-time and navigate freely around obstacles – a more viable, safe and flexible option for many. In today’s world, autonomous material handling solutions are a crucial component to helping organizations keep pace with the demands of the industry and offset labor shortages. Expanding our offerings with Vecna Robotics’ solutions aligns with Alta’s focus on serving our customers with the most innovative and best-in-class materials handling equipment on the market.”

Alta MH will spec, sell and service Vecna’s full range of pallet handling solutions, including self-driving forklifts, pallet trucks and tuggers.

“We’re eager to kick off this partnership with Alta Material Handling, as the company has a deep knowledge of customer needs and an innovative outlook,” said Matthew Cherewka, director of business development and strategy at Vecna Robotics. “With Alta’s extensive reach and long-held reputation for quality products and service, we are pleased to work alongside them to expand their offerings and deploy our solutions nationwide.”

In June 2021, Craig Malloy was named CEO of Vecna Robotics. Malloy will focus on the organizational and operational needs to scale the company. Founder Daniel Theobald will resume his role as chief innovation officer. Theobald will also continue to serve as the Executive Chairman of the Board.

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