Varta develops online monitoring dashboard for batteries

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Battery maker Varta has launched a cloud computing feature to let customers remotely monitor battery charging, health and the temperature of battery management systems. The Ellwangen, Germany-based company said the new online monitoring dashboard is designed for its “Easy Block” and “Easy Blade” modular smart batteries. The smart batteries go into forklifts, driverless transport systems and other small or medium vehicles.

Users of Varta’s customer-specific batteries will also have access to the remote monitoring feature, and Varta said it plans to expand its cloud services in the future.

The rechargeable “Easy Block” and “Easy Blade” lithium batteries are modular and expandable. They’re adaptable for applications in industries such as logistics, agriculture, mobility and more.

Varta said it’s possible to integrate its front-end solution directly into the device manufacturer’s existing solution via API interfaces to have a central point of contact for simple and intuitive use.

“With the help of the data, it will be possible in the future to recognize patterns and errors even faster or identify anomalies in the operation of the batteries before they occur. This leads to an increase in the life expectancy of the battery and a reduction in operating costs,” Varta Solutions GM Gordon Clements said. “Another advantage of cloud service is that there is a better understanding of the benefits of the battery, which will lead to more cost-effective solutions for certain user groups in the long run. And it opens up opportunities for new business models, such as a rental system in which the customer only pays for the energy that the battery delivers in a certain period of time.”


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