Universal Robots launching 50 authorized training centers

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Universal Robots is opening 50 Authorized Training Centers, 13 of which will be located in North America. | Credit: Universal Robots

Universal Robots (UR) is launching Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) that offer classes spanning basic to advanced programming of UR cobots. UR is planning 50 fully authorized ATCs worldwide, 13 of which will be in North America. The first few ATCs in the U.S. have already been authorized and are now offered by the following UR sales partners:

  • Advanced Control Solutions in Marietta, Ga.
  • HTE Technologies in St. Louis, Missouri and Lenexa, Kansas
  • Ralph W. Earl Company in Syracuse, New York
  • Applied Controls in Malvern, Pa.

In addition to the ATCs hosted by UR partners, four training centers are also opening at UR’s offices in Ann Arbor, MI, Irving, TX, Garden City, NY, and Irvine, CA.

UR’s certified trainers will conduct training modules that cover a range of core and advanced cobot programming skills, including cobot scripting, industrial communication, and interface usage. Small class sizes with student-centered objectives and hands-on practice with UR robots ensure that participants come away with valuable skills they can apply immediately in their workplace.

For class schedules and more information, visit the UR Academy site. The modules of the ATC program include:

Core: For any user of a UR cobot who has completed the online modules. Covers safety set-up, basic applications and flexible redeployment.

Advanced: For cobot users, technical sales people, and integrators with a practical need to optimize applications or find new ways of deploying UR cobots. Covers scripting, advanced uses of force control and TCP, conveyor tracking and performance review.

Industrial Communication: For users and developers who need to integrate cobots with third-party devices. Covers modbus TCP, FTP server, dashboard server, socket communication, Ethernet/IP and Profinet.

Interfaces: For users and developers who need in-depth knowledge on how to interface with UR cobots using script interfaces. Covers UR scripting, socket communication, client interfaces (port 30001-30003), real time data exchange and XML/RPC.

Service & Troubleshooting: For users, technicians, and engineers wanting/needing a better understanding of the mechanical hardware used by UR cobots, how to diagnose issues and resolve them. Covers the configuration of the cobot arm, controller, and safety system as well as preventative maintenance, system troubleshooting, and replacement of parts.

UR’s certified trainers will conduct training modules that cover a range of core and advanced cobot programming skills, including cobot scripting, industrial communication, and interface usage. | Credit: Universal Robots

“Now, current and potential customers can get in-person training, customizing their specific applications and needs,” said Stuart Shepherd, Regional sales director of Universal Robots’ Americas division. “Not only are our partners excited about this opportunity, they’re virtually lining up to be the next rollout.”

“From a business perspective, being able to offer this type of training also improves our place in the market, ensuring that current and potential customers start to rely on us as automation experts,” said Cale Harbour, Vice President of Product Marketing at Advanced Control Solutions. “As our customers build their knowledge, they can deploy the technology faster and see the benefits to their production – and their bottom line – quicker. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.”

“Using this approach, we’ve expanded our role as supplier to assist with the application process as well,” said Marv Dixon, vice president of business development and sales, HTE Technologies. “The Training Center has also provided us with the perfect scenario in which we can introduce other products that our customers might not have otherwise considered, such as grippers and conveyors. With the Authorized Training Center distinction, we’ve become a resource that our customers can count on for up-to-date, accessible training and support.”

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