Universal Robots launches tour for ActiNav machine loading system

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Universal Robots won an RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award for its ActiNav machine loading system.

Automating machine loading traditionally means integrating conveyors, bowl feeders, custom trays, shaker tables or various other components and processes. These approaches can lead to a range of obstacles and challenges, including complex programming and setup, poorly-utilized manpower, inefficient machine utilization and decreased output.

ActiNav combines intelligent vision and sensor software with the autonomous motion control of Universal Robots‘ (UR) cobots in one seamless application kit that solves the random bin picking challenge in machine tending applications.

To give manufacturers an opportunity to experience ActiNav hands-on, UR and its partners are now hosting live demos, inviting attendees to bring their parts to be picked to experience the machine loading system.

“We want manufacturers to experience in person the ‘wow factor’ as they see ActiNav effortlessly pick their randomized parts and place them correctly in a designated place,” said Bryan Bird, regional sales director for UR’s North America division. “We look forward to working with our partners in providing this unique experience.”

The ActiNav tour dates are hosted by UR’s partners and systems integrators on the following dates and locations:

July 13: FPE Automation in Elk Grove Village, IL
July 22: Southwestern PTS in Coppell, TX
August 3: NEFF Wisconsin in Mequon, WI
August 5: CIMTEC in Charlotte, NC
August 10: Shaltz in Flint, MI

In addition to meeting ActiNav on tour, manufacturers can now leverage an expanded network of ActiNav Solution Providers (ASPs), a vetted and select group of systems integrators across the U.S. to deploy the next-generation machine loading solution. Joining the ASP network are: Muratec (Charlotte, NC), PCC Robotics (Germantown, WI), Computech Manufacturing Company (Washington, MI), and PrecisionForm (Lititz, PA).

Bird explains that UR’s selection process focused on integrators with expertise in both vision and robotics, that deliver superior value, and on time/on budget projects for customers.

“As a systems integrator, we find parts staging to be a key component of nearly every application,” said Dan Carney, GM at Wisconsin-based PCC Robotics. “We have reviewed a number of bin picking offerings and ActiNav is simply in a different class.”

UR won a 2021 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award for ActiNav’s ability to simplify machine loading applications. Introduced in April 2020, ActiNav mirrors the mantra of other UR+ application kits: make it easier for customers to deploy automation and lower their risk.

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