Universal Robots hosting Cobot Expo 2.0 Nov. 16-17

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Cobot Expo 2.0

After successfully launching the world’s largest virtual cobot expo during the summer, Universal Robots will be hosting the Cobot Expo 2.0 to help manufacturers position themselves for an efficient, resilient, and profitable future post-COVID.

The Cobot Expo 2.0 (November 16-17) will feature 25-plus live demos from Universal Robots’ partners, as well at 15 informative keynotes. Attendees will learn about cobot applications such as welding, machine tending, autonomous bin picking and end-of-line packaging, while hearing from top automation experts about safety, ROI and service.

The Cobot Expo 2.0 is free to attend and is open to anyone who has an interest in collaborative robots. Registration for Cobot Expo 2.0 is now open. You can see the keynote schedule here.

Webinar: Are collaborative robots as safe as they sound?

This past spring, the COVID-19 pandemic drove many global manufacturers to a temporary halt. Now, as manufacturers have restarted operations, leaders are struggling to create the new normal. Industry experts cite automation and technology as two key factors In helping companies succeed. Leading the automation pack are collaborative robots or “cobots” – robots that are safe, easy to program and cost-effective.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • See the latest innovations in collaborative robotic solutions for manufacturing
  • Speak live with innovators and industry leaders
  • See how productivity improvements in other industries can impact yours
  • Learn how quickly and easily cobots can integrate with your operation

Attendees will also have the first opportunity to experience Universal Robots’ new cobot certification program that offers students and industry professionals to ability to earn Continuing Education Units. The program offers a pathway to master cobot programming and deployment as part of an Industry 4.0 career. This education program will be featured in a dedicated booth at Cobot Expo 2.0 and will be presented in the keynote “Accelerating Tomorrow’s Engineers,” which will be delivered on Nov. 17 at 4 PM by Corey Adams, regional sales manager, Universal Robots.

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