Unified interface for OnRobot grippers gains UR+ cobot certification

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Unified interface for OnRobot grippers gains UR+ cobot certification

Dual gripper mounted on a UR cobot with a unified interface. Source: OnRobot

DALLAS — Yesterday, OnRobot A/S announced that its One System Solution end effectors and unified interface are now certified under the UR+ program, which tests and certifies accessories such as grippers for seamless use with Universal Robots A/S collaborative robot arms.

OnRobot in September released a full line of grippers and sensors with a unified mechanical and communications interface. The company said this allows for plug-and-play tool changes, as well as fast and easy programming across multiple production lines and applications.

“Our unified URCap software is a key differentiator for our grippers, sensors and tool changers,” stated Kristian Hulgard, general manager of OnRobot’s Americas division. “Now, we have a single URCap that automatically identifies the OnRobot tool that is mounted on a UR robot.”

“End users no longer have to worry about different URCaps for multiple tools; they can effortlessly plug and play various OnRobot products,” he said. “For example, an RG2 two-finger gripper can be implemented with a VG10 vacuum gripper in one cycle, achieving optimized utilization of a single UR robot.”

Unified interface certification reflects close collaboration

Early Ewing, global head of Universal Robots’ UR+ program, said the certification of OnRobot’s new products such as its unified interface is a great example of the continued close collaboration between the two companies.

“We are delighted to work together with OnRobot in producing high-quality products for the automation market,” he said. “The URCap now allows OnRobot’s grippers to utilize all the benefits of our new line of e-Series cobots in terms of fast digital feedback and repeatability.”

OnRobot’s URCap unified interface can be installed in UR’s Polyscope operating system when installing OnRobot software. The installation requires the identification of just one product; the software automatically identifies additional OnRobot products.

With the One System Solution, all OnRobot products have an integrated, unified mechanical and communications interface based on the OnRobot Quick Changer. The Quick Changer allows manufacturers to simply click OnRobot grippers onto the UR cobot arm for instant deployment.

The only cable coming out of the chain is from the Quick Changer, eliminating the need to disconnect/connect cables. An additional Dual Quick Changer incorporates these same new capabilities while allowing the use of two tools in one cycle, mixing and matching to suit application needs and maximizing robot usage.

OnRobot’s One System Solution recently won Gold in the LEAP awards supported by Design World, Fluid Power World, and EE World publications. The award recognizes the best components and services across the mechanical and electrical engineering industry.

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