Two controllers for large DC motors: 4QD-200 and 4QD-300

4QD range: Reversing, 24V – 60V, 300A

4QD range: Reversing, 24V – 60V, 300A

4qd is a new name for me, but two motor controllers capture my attention. Lately, I’ve been looking for 24 / 36V DC motor controllers and 60A per channel. For 36V, the only viable option was the RoboteQ drivers. These motor drivers can support a lot of power, but the lack of support for Arduino boards is an impediment to me.

For 24V I have a choice between Sabertooth 2 x 60A, SmartDrive160 and Cytron. Working in the past with Sabertooth drivers with lower power, I chose to go this way. It works in the autonomous and manual mode, and is Arduino compatible.

The two 4QD (4QD-200 and 4QD-300) motor controllers have the power to work with large DC motors.

The most important specifications are:

  • can be used between 18v to 66v;
  • motor speed controllers for currents up to 300A;
  • direct voltage control, or PWM control by Pi or Arduino;
  • joystick and radio control;
  • regenerative braking;
  • reversing;
  • over temperature shutdown;
  • battery discharge protection;

The price is a measure of performance. Depending on the option selected, these can be purchased at a price starting with £249 and up to £399.

Source: IntoRobotics

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