Trio Motion Technology launches 4 SCARA robots

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Trio Scara Robot

Trio’s new SCARA robots provide OEMs with an integrated robot, motion and machine automation.

Trio Motion Technology has launched a range of SCARA robots. The launch gives OEMs robot control, motion control and machine automation from a single controller. Trio’s SCARA robots have been designed for applications including pick and place, assembly and dispensing, making the range suited to electronics manufacturing (3C), packaging and material handling.

The range is made up of four SCARA robots that extend from a 15-inch (400 mm) arm and a 6-lb (3 kg) maximum payload capacity to a 27-inch (700 mm) arm and a 13-lb (6 kg) maximum payload capacity.

The robots achieve high cyclic throughput and precision with high repeatability. The robots are powered by four Trio MX series servo motors that are individually controlled by a Trio DX4 servo drive. The drives provide precise motion performance enhanced by EtherCAT update rates as low as 125us. DX4 can deliver 350% overload for high dynamic applications as well as absolute multiturn 23bit encoders for system precision.

The new robots are controlled by a Trio motion coordinator that can simultaneously control the overall machine. Trio said that integrating robots within the same controller removes the challenge of hand-shaking and communication compatibility between a robot controller and PLC.

Trio Execs with Scara Bot

Trio head of product management, Dave Greensmith (left), with Trio president Tom Alexander.

Robot application development takes place within Trio’s Motion Perfect software and is powered by a core of Motion-iX technologies, providing a single control platform for machine, motion and robotics.

Trio said application development is enhanced through Trio RPS, an integrated software package that includes 3D simulation to create a virtual twin that reduces risks in deployment, which speeds up development. RPS also includes a virtual teach pendant for on-the-go robot program development.

Trio’s controllers also provide machine automation. The controllers feature extensive I/O integration, system expansion via EtherCAT and compatibility with all primary Ethernet-based bus systems. They can also be programmed using IEC 61131-3 languages.

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