The Flying Ship Company to operate autonomous, low flying, marine based cargo logistics

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The Flying Ship Company uses ground effect autonomous cargo vessels. | Image credit: The Flying Company

The Flying Ship Technologies, Corp. and PROBOTEK have signed an agreement to work collaboratively while jointly integrating PROBOTEK’s proprietary technologies and software into Flying Ship’s ground effect vessels. The challenges of realizing Flying Ship Technologies vision for an semi-autonomous, ground based cargo delivery platform depends on real-time vessel system monitoring and reactive collision avoidance. PROBOTEK offers the experience and controls software solutions to make this a reality.

“PROBOTEK’s experience integrating operationally proven artificial intelligence and BVLOS control operation systems will be a critical asset for Flying Ships,” said Flying Ship CEO, Bill Peterson. “The Flying Ship team is one hundred percent committed to safety and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through our all-electric vessels. We look forward to working with PROBOTEK to integrate secure and reliable navigation systems that are interoperable with the European maritime logistics network.”

Coastal cargo delivery

“Flying Ship is an exciting and innovative entrant into the logistics market,” said PROBOTEK CEO, George Delaportas. “Our capabilities in artificial intelligence and mission-critical software platforms are a natural fit for their autonomous ground effect vessels.” This agreement will also assist the joint teams to pursue a market of potential customers and investors more effectively.

The company is planning to deploy the first solutions in the EU, connecting the Greek Islands with a faster and more cost efficient solution to moving goods and materials. Moving cargo by air is expense, while moving cargo by sea is slow. The Flying Ship concept seeks to find a middle ground in cost and efficiency.

“Flying Ship and PROBOTEK will work together on financial support to develop the vessel in Greece,” said Flying Ship Executive Vice President and COO, Gus Bateas. “Our ultimate goal is to enhance connectivity among the Greek islands and the mainland through safer and more reliable on-time cargo delivery to an increased number of delivery points.”

“The huge number of Greek islands creates strong demand for a distributed maritime logistics network that is fast, cost effective, and green,” said PROBOTEK COO, Panagiotis Apostolopoulos. “There’s an incredible business opportunity to improve the quality of life for people through better delivery options for perishable goods, like groceries, medicine, and retail items.”

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