Techman Robot unveils new arm, factory management software

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Techman Robot unveils new arm, factory management software

A new AI vision-guided robot arm. Source: Techman Robot

Today, Techman Robot announced a new robot arm and factory management software at the International Robot Exhibition in Japan.

The global market for robots in manufacturing will expand 2.5 times between 2018 and 2025, reaching 2.8675 trillion JPY ($260 million), predicted Japanese research company Fuji Keizai. It also said the global market for collaborative robots will grow approximately 30% from 2018 to 2019, reaching 78.2 billion JPY ($710 million).

“From the human-computer collaboration of the production line, the rapid integration of smart stacking application solutions and the integration of AI vision improve the inspection efficiency of automated production,” stated Techman. “Manufacturing can then connect with the intelligent management system in the factory, realizing the future of fully integrated virtual smart manufacturing.”

Techman applies AI vision to robot arm

Techman Robot claimed to have the industry’s first integration of traditional machines and advanced vision using artificial intelligence in a single robotic system.

Without the need for additional controllers, the time and money needed for integration has been considerably reduced, Techman said. Its built-in machine vision works with light, industrial cameras, and sensing elements to capture images.

In addition, Techman Robot said it uses deep learning technology to accurately sense the shape, type, and color of an object. This can enhance the inspection efficiency in automated production, improving the inspection quality and accuracy in different industries, said the company. It added that the inspection data can be used as a guide in manufacturing — a step towards digital transformation.

TMmanager designed for intelligent factory management

Techman Robot’s new TMmanager is an industrial graphic control software for intelligent management of factory processes and equipment. It is an automatic management system that consists of real-time system monitoring and data analysis.

The Arm Management System (RMS) exclusively developed by TMmanager can seamlessly connect to Techman’s robot arms, providing real-time monitoring of their operation. The software can also manage factory automation equipment modules such as Shop Floor Control System (SFC System).

In addition, TMmanager includes intuitive, easy and fully customized operation panels for comprehensive smart manufacturing management, said Techman.

“Aside from developing robot applications, we consider ourselves as a software company,” said the company. “From investing in AI vision to developing factory smart management system ‘TMmanager,’ we are the best indispensable partner for intelligent manufacturing in terms of virtual integration for manufacturers!”

Techman Robot partners for industrial success

In addition to working with Japanese pharmaceutical and automation equipment manufacturer Omron, Techman said it has been proactively developing local distributors. The company has two distributors and several system integrators that have helped it successfully enter major Japanese automobile manufacturers.

Techman Robot said it plans to continue expanding automation in the automotive, food, and cosmetics industries to help them as they move toward smart manufacturing.

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