SVT Robotics announces new connector for RightHand Robotics

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Right Hand Robotics robot with grippper

The RightPick system handles the core task of picking and placing individual items. | Image credit: Right Hand Robotics

SVT Robotics announces a new SOFTBOT Platform connector for RightHand Robotics. SVT Robotics worked with RightHand Robotics to develop the pre-built connector between SVT’s SOFTBOT Platform and the RightPick 3 item-handling robot system. This is RightHand Robotics newest generation of the RightPick product suite.

“By connecting to the pre-built standard integrations of our SOFTBOT Platform, RightHand Robotics customers who adopt the RightPick 3 system can now deploy without the need for custom integration code,” said T.J. Fanning, VP of sales for SVT. “Integrators offering flexible, automated piece-picking will be able to connect and integrate this robust solution faster than ever before.”

“Automation, especially robotic picking, is an essential solution to the supply chain and labor challenges warehouses are facing today. Our integrator-friendly solution makes deployment into the customer’s facility as seamless as possible,” said Leif Jentoft, co-founder and CSO for RightHand Robotics. “The SOFTBOT Platform connector, which leverages our standard API, RightPick-MCP, further streamlines the process for rapid implementation of item-handling robots and will accelerate market adoption.”

The RightPick 3 system can rapidly pick and place thousands of SKUs of varying-sized products. This autonomous and flexible system combined with the pre-built standard integrations of the SOFTBOT Platform creates a powerful end-to-end solution for any business wanting to rapidly deploy piece-picking automation for a wide range of warehouse tasks.

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