Special Issue: 2020 Robotics Handbook

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Robots are performing critical duties across the world, including dangerous and repetitive manufacturing tasks, toting heavy materials in logistics centers, and performing complex surgeries. Ongoing advances in these robotics systems, and enabling technologies, are making it possible to apply robotics solutions across an ever-increasing range of consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

We hope you enjoy the 2020 Design World Robotics Handbook, which was produced by The Robot Report. The Robotics Handbook covers the advancement of robotics systems and enabling technologies. To read all of The Robot Report‘s digital issues, check out our digital issues section here.

Here is a breakdown of the topics covered inside the Robotics Handbook:

Design & Development
– Toyota Research Institute demonstrates household robot prototypes
– Testing a PR2 robot in a simulated hospital world

Mobile Robots
– 3 AMRs help ICM handle demand for personal protective equipment
– Mini antenna enables robots to team up in complex environments
– How to get started with designing a cost-effective UGV for security

– Future connectivity requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles
– The future of hybrid robotics
– How to develop software for medical robotics safety

– eKAMI and READY Robotics train former coal miners to program multiple robots
– MT Solar automates small-batch welding with UR10e, Vectis cobot tool

Motion Control
– Interdisciplinary approaches are essential to drive systems, robotics success
– How Realtime Robotics is helping robots avoid collisions

– How Siemens automated maritime battery production
– Eliminating bias from visual datasets used to train AI models

– Hello Robot’s Stretch aims to democratize mobile manipulation
– Visual transfer learning helps robots manipulate objects

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2020 Robotics Handbook

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