Sparkfun Sensor To Detect People In A Room (MLX90632 Sensor)

Non-contact Thermometer Board (MLX90632 Sensor)

Non-contact Thermometer Board (MLX90632 Sensor)

These days I was looking to see what’s new in the field and I think I found something interesting. You probably already know the long stories on forums about how to detect people in a room. Or a robot that scans an area and identifies sources of heat or fire. Solutions exist. Some are more expensive, others cheaper. Some sensors are good, others not so good.

The MLX90632 sensor is used to detect temperature by sending infrared rays to an object or a person. This sensor is located somewhere between a common temperature sensor that detects the ambient temperature and a thermal camera.

The sensor can be used with the Arduino board or any other Arduino clone that has a 3.3V output. The measured temperature varies from -20 to 85?C for the ambient temperature, and from -20 to 200?C for the object temperature range.

The communication between the Arduino and the sensor is through the I2C address, and because Sparkfun has promised, we are waiting for the MLX90632 library. The price is $ 24.95.

Source: IntoRobotics

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