SkyWall 100 Drone Defense System

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Meet the SkyWall 100: a drone defense system that enables you to capture unauthorized drones with a net and bring them down gracefully with a parachute for forensic inspection. OpenWorks Engineering, a group of British engineers, has invented this system to make it easier to deal with rogue drones.

Skywall 100 comes with a compressed air launcher and a smart projectile. As the inventors explain:
The launcher uses a computerized SmartScope to calculate the drone’s flight path and directs the operator on where to aim the launcher, to ensure the drone is intercepted. When the operator pulls the trigger the projectile is programmed so that it deploys its on-board net and parachute at precisely the right time to catch the target drone.
OpenWorks Engineering is expected to develop a range of air powered launchers and smart projectiles to deal with a wide range of scenarios.
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