Schneider Electric Motion rebrands as Novanta IMS

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Novanta IMS

After officially acquiring Schneider Electric Motion, Novanta is renaming the company. Schneider Electric Motion is now known as Novanta IMS. Novanta acquired Schneider Electric Motion for $115 million in cash in August 2021.

Novanta is a leading technology partner to medical and advanced equipment manufacturers. As a manufacturer of motion control components for automation equipment, Novanta IMS is a leader in brushless motor technology, integrated motor drives and electronic controls.

“Novanta IMS is an excellent strategic acquisition because it helps us expand into automatic and robotic applications through advanced motion control solutions,” said Matthijs Glastra, Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of Novanta. “It’s also increasing opportunities for us in Life Sciences and Medical end markets and broadening our access to sophisticated automation integrators.

“Novanta IMS enhances our capabilities in these rapidly evolving markets, providing even more ways for us to serve our customers with unique, innovative, high-performance solutions,” Glastra added.

Novanta IMS was founded 35 years ago and was known at the time as Intelligent Motion Systems (IMS). The business develops solutions for applications demanding highly precise, controlled movement in areas including medical instruments, lab automation, robotics and other advanced manufacturing applications. It has about 60 employees and is headquartered in Marlborough, Conn.

“We have been committed to developing innovative motion control solutions since we were founded in 1986 as Intelligent Motion Systems, so our new name Novanta IMS is a nod to our roots,” said Eric Klein, General Manager at Novanta IMS. “We are looking forward to maintaining the same level of consistent support and high-quality products under our new ownership as we have for nearly 40 years.”

Novanta IMS will work closely with Celera Motion, a leading provider of motion control components and subsystems for OEMs serving a variety of medical and advanced industrial markets.

“We are excited to collaborate with the incredibly talented team at Novanta IMS,” said Kalpana Singh, President & General Manager of Celera Motion. “The team’s extensive expertise and experience are major assets in helping us broaden our reach into new markets.”

Less than one week after announcing it’s acquisition of Schneider Electric Motion, Novanta announced its acquisition of ATI Industrial Automation for $172 million in cash. The price could increase if ATI hits certain financial goals in 2021. The acquisition is expected to close in Q3 2021.

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