Robot Investments Weekly: Softbank Pays $7.7B for 15% Stake in Uber

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At press time, the last week of 2017 was mostly quiet, besides the first transaction below. It seems most investors were enjoying the holiday season. Last week, 20 companies raised more than $394 million.

SoftBank buys 15% stake in Uber for $7.7 billion

It’s only fitting that 2017 comes to an end with a major investment from Softbank. The technology conglomerate paid $7.7 billion to own about 15% of Uber.

Uber investors and employees tendered shares equal to about 20% of the company in an offer by a SoftBank-led consortium that values Uber at $48 billion. According to multiple reports, that’s a roughly 30% discount on Uber’s most recent valuation of about $68 billion.

Uber is working on autonomous vehicles, of course, and Softbank wants a piece of everything that’s autonomous. So keep an eye on this deal going forward. Interestingly, just last week Softbank was involved in the $4 billion raised by ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing Technology Co. The Chinese company, according to reports, will use the money to compete with Uber and invest in self-driving cars and other artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

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