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Business-to-Business publisher WTWH Media has launched RoboBusiness Direct, an ongoing, integrated series of presentations and media coverage designed to drive robotics innovation, speed commercialization efforts and strengthen the robotics community. The RoboBusiness Direct program runs from May through July.

“With RoboBusiness Direct, the educational and community building aspects of the RoboBusiness Conference & Expo, the world’s premier robotics business development event, are being expanded into the digital realm and beyond, to provide increased educational options, as well as extended opportunities for peer networking and business development,” said Dan Kara, Vice President of Robotics at WTWH Media.

Registration for RoboBusiness Direct is now open.

Leading Companies

RoboBusiness Direct sessions are delivered by brightest minds from the leading robotics and automation companies from around the world including Nuro, FedEx, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Siemens and more. RoboBusiness Direct speakers will share their expertise and insights on a variety of topics in four subject areas:

  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Exploiting Technologies
  • Driving Business and Transforming Industries

Here is the RoboBusiness Direct schedule. Each talk starts at 2 PM EST:

The Future of Robotic Manipulation With ROS and MoveIt
– Dave Coleman, CEO, PickNik Robotics
May 20

The New Investment Model for Robotics Startups
– Fady Saad, Co-Founder & Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, MassRobotics
May 28

Overcoming Warehouse Challenges Using Mobile Robots
– Corey Cook, Senior Program Manager and Solutions Architect, Lockheed Martin
June 4

The Automation of Manual Vehicles: Insights, Analysis and Opportunities
– Rian Whitton, Senior Analyst, ABI Research
June 11

From 1 to 1,000: Lessons Learned in Scaling a Robot Fleet
– Sarjoun Skaff, CTO, Bossa Nova Robotics
June 17

How Robots Are Succeeding and Failing in the World of Logistics
– Aaron Prather, Senior Technical Advisor, FedEx
June 25

Building Zero Occupant Autonomous Vehicles to Accelerate the Benefits of Robotics Today
– Andrew Clare, Head of Robots, Nuro
July 2

Cybersecurity and Robotics Systems: Vulnerabilities and Solutions
– Satyajit Sinha, Research Analyst, Counterpoint Research
July 9

Robotics at the Edge: Flexible Manufacturing, Intelligent Machines, and Edge Robotics
– Juan Aparicio Ojea, Head of Advanced Manufacturing Automation, Siemens
July 16

Human-Robot Collaboration for Flexible Manufacturing
– Clara Vu, CTO, Veo Robotics
July 22

The Life and Times of ROS2: A Look at the Future of Robotics Infrastructure
– Steve Macenski, Open-Source Robotics Lead, Samsung Robotics
July 29

About WTWH Media, LLC

WTWH Media is an integrated media company serving engineering, business and investment professionals through 50+ web sites, 5 print publications, along with many other technical and business events. The “WTWH Network” includes The Robot Report, Collaborative Robotics Trends and Robotics Business Review, online technical, business and investment news and information portals focused on robotics and intelligent systems. WTWH Media also produces leading robotics conferences including the Robotics Summit & Expo, RoboBusiness and the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum.


For additional information or questions regarding RoboBusiness Direct, please contact Dan Kara at dkara[AT] For RoboBusiness Direct sponsorship opportunities, contact Courtney Seel at cseel[AT]

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