RoboBusiness Direct: make UV disinfection safe using omnidirectional 3D vision

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RoboBusiness Direct continues January 14 with DreamVu’s Mark Davidson.

Ultra-violet disinfection keeps people healthy and it’s an exciting application for robotics, but the process could cause a health risk as UV light is dangerous to humans.

In this RoboBusiness Direct talk, DreamVu technical expert Mark Davidson will explain how omnidirectional 3D vision systems can be used to not only identify the presence of people, but to also identify how far away people are from the light based on accurate depth information. Added functions will also be explored such as how long UV light hits certain surfaces and from what distance so cleaning efficacy can be computed. In addition to these points, the presenter will also review camera mounting options to take greatest advantage of the field of view around the UV disinfection robot.

The session takes place January 14 at 2 PM Eastern. There is no charge to register for RoboBusiness Direct programs. You can register for the session here.

Mark Davidson has spent over 25 years working in technology businesses across many industries, but he has always gravitated towards robotics and embedded systems. He joined DreamVu in early 2020 because of the brilliance of the DreamVu technology and the impact it is having on accelerating robotics use-cases and deployments. Davidson earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University.

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