RightHand Robotics reveals RightPick 3 item-handling robot

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RightHand Robotics, a Boston-based developer of autonomous picking solutions for order fulfillment, today introduced its RightPick 3 item-handling robot system. Designed from the ground up, RightPick 3 features a modular, industrialized hardware design, software APIs and international compliance. The company’s robots are being used around the world in applications such as AS/RS, sorter induction, auto-bagger, kitting and more.

RightHand Robotics said RightPick 3 picks faster and handles an even broader range of items than the previous generation of the product. It is powered by the company’s “AI software” that continuously understands, plans, executes, and learns. It also features fleet management software that provides performance dashboards.

RightPick 3 can “pick and place millions of SKUs” and “move up to 1,200 units per hour.” The RightPick system employs a model-free picking approach, which means no specific training is needed to pick items. RightHand’s custom gripper combines sensing, suction and compliant fingers.

Specific RightPick 3 system features and capabilities include:

  • The RightPick processor module, a dual GPU industrial computing platform that processes data more than six-times faster, and is designed for use even at elevated warehouse temperatures
  • A new safety controls unit for easy integration of common warehouse safety components
  • An integrated kiosk with the RightPick console, a simple user interface
  • Updated Fleet Management System, featuring the RightPick Control Center for real-time, remote visibility and control.

“The RightPick 3 system achieves an unprecedented level of autonomy with flexibility to be integrated into a wide range of warehouse tasks reliably, despite the inherent variability of picking processes,” said Yaro Tenzer, co-founder and CEO at RightHand Robotics. “This is a significant milestone for integrators as they can offer their customers a robust automation solution with simple plug-and-play on the path towards lights-out order fulfillment at scale.”

The video below shows a fleet of RightPick 2 robots working autonomously at PALTAC Corp.’s 500,000-square-foot in Japan, handling a high volume of consumer packaged goods, from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals.

Founded in 2014, RightHand Robotics closed a $23 million Series B round for its robotic piece-picking technology in December 2018. It raised $6 million via debt financing in July 2020. Mick Mountz, founder and former CEO of Kiva Systems, joined RightHand Robotics’ board of directors during the Series B. Mountz founded Kiva Systems in January 2003 and sold it to Amazon in 2012 for $775 million. At the time, Mountz told The Robot Report RightHand Robotics picked up where Kiva left off.

“I think of the grasping problem as an extension of the Kiva system,” said Mountz. “We wiped out the wasted walking throughout the warehouse, while RightHand takes out the next level in the operation of picking and packing.”

RightHand Robotics will demo its RightPick 3 during ProMatDX (April 12-16) at its virtual booth.

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