Review: DJI’s New FPV Drone is Effortless, Exhilarating Fun

IEEE Spectrum

In my experience, there are three different types of consumer drone pilots. You’ve got people for whom drones are a tool for taking pictures and video, where flying the drone is more or less just a necessary component of that. You’ve also got people who want a drone that can be used to take pictures or video of themselves, where they don’t want to be bothered flying the drone at all. Then you have people for whom flying the drone itself is the appealing part; people who like flying fast and creatively because it’s challenging, exciting, and fun. And that typically means flying in First Person View, or FPV, where it feels like you’re a tiny little human sitting inside of a virtual cockpit in your drone.

For that last group of folks, the barrier to entry is high. Or rather, the barriers are high, because there are several. Not only is the equipment expensive, you often have to build your own system comprising the drone, FPV goggles, and accompanying transmitter and receiver. And on top of that, it takes a lot of skill to fly an FPV drone well; all of the inevitable crashes just add to the expense.

Today, DJI is announcing a new consumer first-person view drone system that includes everything you need to get started. You get an expertly designed and fully integrated high-speed FPV drone, a pair of FPV goggles with exceptional image quality and latency that’s some of the best we’ve ever seen, plus a physical controller to make it all work. Most importantly, though, there’s on-board obstacle avoidance plus piloting assistance that means even a complete novice can be zipping around with safety and confidence on day one.

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