Please help. What do you use as your third hand?


Some time ago I bought a third-hand kit from Sparkfun. Aside from the fact that from my mistakes I broke one of the arms, I tried to use the other one as much as possible. Until now, the unbroken arm has accomplished his mission if I use it to solder thin wires.

I could not say that I was very pleased with the choice made. Also, this kind of kit can be used only for wires. If you want to solder a pin to a sensor…becomes a nightmare. So, I need a third hand to be stable and fix in place some large components like sensors, controllers, and even small DC motors.

I saw in this video a small vise, similar to this. I think that is exactly what I need.

Is there anyone who used such a vise to help me with an opinion? Also, any other solution is welcome.

Home Vise

Home Vise

Source: IntoRobotics

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