Piestro is the robot pizzeria disrupting the $54B pizza market

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The artisanal pizza experience with a futuristic twist.

There’s a whole lot of dough in the pizza industry, and not just the edible kind. The US pizza market, despite being plagued by high costs and low margins, is currently worth $46B and expected to be $54B by 2023. Although inputs such as labor, ingredients and real estate continue to become more expensive, Americans’ demand for pizza isn’t going anywhere.

That’s why Piestro has developed a solution that produces the same delicious pizza at a fraction of the cost with… you guessed it… a robot.

Thanks to the innovative robotics technology from Wavemakers Labs and Piestro CEO Massimo Noja De Marco, the Piestro automated pizza kiosk was born. The fully-automated machines are designed to achieve zero contact food preparation, minimal food waste, consistent quality, and a much lower cost of operation. Capable of cooking made-to-order artisanal pizzas in just 3 minutes, Piestro boasts exceptional quality with the high-quality ingredients customers expect from traditional pizzerias.

“Piestro is a stand-alone machine that can cook delicious, artisanal pizzas with the freshest ingredients in three minutes or less,” says De Marco. “This pizza is the same quality as the pizza that I was making with my mom back in Italy.”

The entire experience is not only delicious but entertaining and interactive for all ages. Customers can make their selections on Piestro’s built-in touchscreen and immediately watch their pizza come together through the large kiosk window. Piestro provides a speedy and convenient experience for all its customers, making it perfect for locales suchs as malls, universities and workplaces. And topping it all off, Piestro kiosks operate 24 hours/day, because there’s no wrong time to eat pizza.

Now, here’s where the real dough comes in…

Because of labor and real estate costs, traditional pizzerias have low profit margins – estimated at 22% on average – but Piestro is changing the game. Their robot pizzeria eliminates the need for labor and cuts down on real estate footprint, essentially making the pizza at a fraction of the cost of traditional pizzerias. In fact, Piestro boasts an impressive 48% projected profit margin – a much more promising endeavor for any pizza maestro.

Additionally, Piestro’s ‘Powered By Piestro’ program will allow existing brick & mortar chains to white label Piestro kiosks, providing access to a larger geographic and demographic reach at a much lower cost. Even regional and nationwide chains can get a slice of Piestro’s technology.

And this is where it gets even more mouthwatering…

Like other companies backed by Wavemaker’s robotics studio, Piestro is turning to public investors to raise funds needed to get the business cooking.

In its current regulation crowdfunding round, Piestro has raised over $1M of their $5M goal, and now you can get a slice.

With innovative design and profit margins that more than double traditional independent pizzerias, Piestro could fundamentally change the way Americans eat pizza.

Don’t miss out on Piestro’s artisanal pizza with a futuristic twist.

Take a look at their investment opportunity today.

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