PatrolBot autonomous security robot works with workforce management, says Badger Technologies

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PatrolBot autonomous security robot works with workforce management, says Badger Technologies

PatrolBot is designed to help security guards and workforce management. Source: Badger Technologies

Badger Technologies LLC today announced the Badger PatrolBot, an autonomous mobile robot designed for the security guard industry. The Nicholasville, Ky.-based division of Jabil Inc. said its new robot can help improve workforce management efficiency.

PatrolBot joins Badger Technologies’ portfolio of service robots that can capture and share valuable data for retail. The company said its robots can automatically detect hazards, expedite problem resolution, and address inventory and data disconnects to improve profitability and shopping experiences.

Badger PatrolBot designed to extend security guard capabilities

PatrolBot enables security guard management companies and their customers to prioritize personnel deployment while automating manual security checks, said Badger Technologies. This is especially relevant now that security providers are being called upon to support COVID-19 requirements, including enforcing social distancing, taking temperatures, and performing worker welfare checks, it said.

Badger said PatrolBot extends security workforce operations by automatically verifying that windows and doors are secured, fire extinguishers and defibrillators are properly stored, and floors are free of debris and potential hazards. The robot also can investigate alarms and areas not supported by surveillance cameras.

“The PatrolBot autonomous robot is a workforce multiplier, continuously patrolling stores, warehouses and office buildings for 12 hours on a single charge,” stated Tim Rowland, CEO of Badger Technologies. “Our robots automate the most mundane inspections and share real-time data, enabling guard services companies to expand their service offerings, extend shift coverage, and reduce operational costs.”

Partner ecosystem integrates robots, workforce software

Badger PatrolBot

Source: Badger Technologies

Badger Technologies said it is working with established providers of workforce management platforms to ensure seamless integration with security operations. The first partner in this growing ecosystem is Montreal-based TrackTik Software Inc., which provides cloud-based security workforce management focused on maximizing operational efficiencies.

The companies are developing application programming interfaces (APIs) enabling PatrolBot to use TrackTik¹s cloud-based software to streamline security guard tour scheduling, real-time checkpoint logging, incident reporting, GPS tracking, messaging and alerts.

“TrackTik Software is thrilled to partner with Badger Technologies in using robotics to transform security guard operations,” said Simon Ferragne, CEO of TrackTik Software. “Our strategic partnership will help customers realize greater business value from their security investments and allow them to take on more non-traditional security roles in a post-pandemic world.”

Equipped with streaming video cameras, the PatrolBot autonomous robot lets command-center staffers see the robot¹s exact location as well as access a live video feed. In addition, fixed-position cameras are programmed to take pictures of doors, windows, fire extinguishers, and any blockages during the robot¹s patrol tour.

If needed, the robot can automatically modify its routes to avoid obstacles while performing inspection duties safely around people. Bader said the autonomous robot can provide actionable data and analytics, offering vital insights for improving service delivery while lowering costs.

Badger Technologies also is working to accelerate integration of its software development kit (SDK) with other security workforce management software as well as customer-specific security solutions.

Badger extends multipurpose lineup

As with Badger Technologies’ other offerings, PatrolBot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce actionable business insights. The company said these can elevate security guard service-level agreements (SLAs) while meeting growing compliance demands.

Badger Technologies’ retail robots have already traveled more than 500,000 miles safely alongside employees and shoppers at more than 500 grocery stores throughout the U.S. and Australia. The company’s lineup includes Badger Retail inSight, a shelf-scanning robot that addresses out-of-stock, planogram compliance, and price integrity issues, as well as Badger Retail inSpect, a floor-scanning robot that automates hazard detections, such as spilled liquids and other debris.

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