Ouster partners with Vecna Robotics

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Vecna creates autonomous vehicles for warehouse solutions. | Source: Vecna Robotics

Ouster, a provider of LiDAR sensors, announced a strategic partnership with Vecna Robotics, a developer of autonomous warehouse vehicles.

The partnership forecasts that Vecna Robotics will buy approximately 3,000 LiDAR sensors through 2025 to scale its production and better meet customer demands. Ouster’s LiDAR sensors will be used in Vecna’s self-driving pallet trucks, tow tractors and lift trucks for high-capacity material handling operations.

“We completed an exhaustive evaluation of all 3D LiDAR sensors on the market and found the Ouster OS0 to be our strong favorite,” Zachary Dydek,​ chief technology officer at Vecna Robotics, said. “We believe Ouster’s best-in-class customer service and proven scalability will enable Vecna Robotics to meet customer demand for high-volume production and further extend our technology leadership in the industrial AMR space.”

In August 2021, Vecna’s AMRs were added to Alta Material Handling’s portfolio to offer to customers as part of a strategic partnership. Alta Material Handling is a distributor of material handling equipment. Alta will spec, sell and service Vecna’s full range of pallet handling solutions.

Vecna offers three autonomous vehicles, an autonomous counterbalanced fork truck, an autonomous pallet jack and an autonomous tugger. It also offers Pivotal, a multi-agent AI-based orchestration engine.

In October 2021, Ouster acquired Sense Photonics. Sense Photonics was added as the “Ouster Automotive” division of Ouster. This new group will focus entirely on solid-state LiDAR sensing products for the automotive market.

“Warehouse and logistics automation is critical to improving supply chain operations. Businesses are facing unprecedented shipping delays, labor shortages, and price inflation – and the demand to safely automate key aspects of the value chain is only accelerating,” Ouster CEO Angus Pacala said. “We are excited to partner with Vecna Robotics as they scale to serve the market opportunity for intelligent material handling equipment.”

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