Omron introduces light-duty i4L Series SCARA robots

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Omron i4L Series SCARA Robots

Omron i4L Series SCARA Robots. | Credit: Omron

Omron has introduced its i4L Series of light-duty industrial SCARA robots. The series has three models that offer reaches of 350mm, 450mm, and 550mm and a 5kg maximum payload capacity. The 4-axis robots, which feature three rotational axes and one linear axis, offer repeatability of ±0.01.

Omron said the compact design, speed and flexible programming make the i4L Series well suited for a variety of applications, including digital assembly and high-speed repeatable processes. The i4L Series features EtherCAT or Ethernet connectivity in the robots’ base. The robots can be programmed individually via Ethernet or integrated into Omron’s NJ EtherCAT network. Omron said integration into its NJ network would enable multiple robots to be deployed and synchronized without complex programming needs.

“OMRON has invested many resources in helping customers realize an advanced and flexible manufacturing environment with our robotics technologies since the acquisition of U.S.-based robotics company Adept Technology in 2015, as part of OMRON’s ‘innovative-Automation’ initiative,” said Motohiro Yamanishi, senior general manager of the Robotics Business Development Project at OMRON’s Industrial Automation Company. “The new i4L SCARA robot will be key in advancing that initiative a step further, by giving customers competitive performance and reliability at an affordable price. The i4L SCARA safely automates material transport operations. This is an area rapidly being enhanced with industrial robots in industries worldwide as a method not just to meet labor shortage challenges but to manage the risks associated with the global spread of the Coronavirus.”

The i4L Series robots feature interactive maintenance alarms and an RGB dome light to provide predictive maintenance and indications of the robot’s status. Check out the comparison chart below for specifications for each of the three SCARA robots in the i4L Series.

“Onsite logistics, the movement of products and material within the factory and warehouse, is becoming a real bottleneck for many companies due to the frequency and tediousness of the job, compounded by rising labor costs and the need to meet social distancing protocols,” said Tom Mathias, President, and CEO of OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies. “Fast-paced manufacturing environments require speed and flexibility. OMRON’s i4L SCARA robot can help companies solve this issue because it can work 24 hours a day tirelessly, punctually, and safely in the same environment as people.”

Omron i4L SCARA Robots

Credit: Omron

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