MODEX Recap; Family-owned business turns to cobots for help

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In this week’s episode, Steve and Mike discuss some of the most significant robot product demo’s and announcements at the recent 2022 MODEX show in Atlanta GA. It was a record attendance year at MODEX for both attendees and robotics vendors.

Products discussed in this episode include:

  • New Stretch trailer unloading AMR from Boston Dynamics
  • New “Co-bot” autonomous pallet jack from a partnership between Big Joe and Vecna Robotics
  • ROEQ launches 3 new payload doubling cart devices for MiR AMRs and announces intentions to start building AMR toppers for other AMR brands in the coming year
  • FlexQube demonstrated the new eQart Navigator for the first time in public
  • Phanton Auto demonstrated their tele-operated fork truck solution that allows remote drivers to safely operate equipment in the warehouse

Interview with DCL Logistics

This week, Steve and Mike sit down with Brian Tu, Chief Revenue Officer of DCL Logistics. DCL is a Universal Robots customer that deployed a number of UR robots to help improve the efficiency of the logistics operations in their distribution center. The company has experienced a short ROI for this project and improved accuracy of order fulfillment.

DCL Logistics is a family run business, and Brian is the second generation to take the 40 year old company forward. The company is based in the silicon valley region and has a number of high profile, high tech brands in its warehouses.

Here are a couple of videos highlighting the UR robots deployed at DCL Logistics:

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