Miniature controllers from FAULHABER control a range of dc motors

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FAULHABER’s MC 3001 B (foreground) and MC 3001 P (middle), shown with a matching motherboard from the starter kit in the background. | Photo Credit: FAULHABER

The new MC 3001 are unhoused versions of the FAULHABER motion controllers and, by means of the integrated output stage with optimized current measurement, can control dc micromotors, linear dc servomotors or brushless dc motors from the company’s product line from 6 to 30 mm.

With an overall height from 2.6 mm and a format from 16 x 27 mm, the new motion controllers are extremely miniaturized. They feature high control dynamics and can be operated with 1.4 A in continuous operation and with up to 5 A peak current. With these new variants, FAULHABER has rounded off its motion controller portfolio at the lower end.

These thumb-sized controllers feature the same functionality as well as the same interfaces (RS232 and CANopen) and encoders as the other more powerful products of the MC V3.0 generation. As an intelligent driver module, they are especially well suited for installation in customer-specific applications. The full thermal protection of the motors is ensured with the integrated thermal models and by means of the high PWM frequency.

The ideal fields of use of the new motion controllers of the MC 3001 series are applications from the areas of robotics, automation technology, machine construction as well as medical and laboratory technology. Applications in these areas often have limited space yet call for high control dynamics and high performance.

The controllers are available in two variants: the MC3001 B can be plugged into a motherboard with three micro board-to-board connectors, whereas the MC3001 P can be plugged in via a 28-pin plug connector. To help customers quickly and easily get to work on the development of their drive system, FAULHABER offers a starter kit that includes, among other things, a motherboard and makes it easier to get started. In addition, up to six different motherboard variants (depending on the variant of the motion controller and the used motor) are available. To meet specific customer needs, other boards can be created that may also include an EtherCAT interface, for example.

The motion controllers are designed for follower operation and can be easily and quickly combined with a number of higher-level leader systems via standard interfaces. After basic commissioning via Motion Manager, the controllers can alternatively also be operated at any time in stand-alone mode by means of integrated sequence programs.

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