MHS Global launches dedicated robotics division

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MHS, a provider of material handling automation and software solutions, launched a dedicated robotics division that spun out from its research and development organization. Known as MHS Robotics, the group develops advanced technologies in-house and nurtures external relationships to deliver robotics solutions for e-commerce and parcel logistics facilities.

MHS Robotics develops its own advanced technologies such as computer vision, machine learning, simulations, 3D cameras and end-of-arm tooling, and also engages with a range of robotics suppliers and the Louisville Automation and Robotics Institute to engineer and deploy its turnkey robotic solutions.

MHS RoboticsThe company currently offers several pick-and-place robotic products, each designed to fit into existing workflows, including order fulfillment, in distribution centers. MHS Robotics also offers autonomous mobile robots with modifications like detachable carts, robotic arms and conveyor supplements to handle specific requirements like large and irregularly shaped items.

“We’re a team of problem solvers, inventors and innovators with the expertise to engineer automated solutions for real-world logistics challenges by working closely and cooperatively with our customers. This agile approach accelerates the pace of development and gets us quickly from the lab into a live operational environment, where the real development continues,” said Dean Terrell, senior vice president, research and development, MHS. “We leverage MHS’s collective material handling knowledge as an experienced full-service provider, so our customers can be confident that our robotics solutions will integrate seamlessly, just like our more traditional automated systems.”

MHS Robotics is growing and actively recruiting for new engineering and project management roles. To see a list of open positions, visit its careers website.

MHS won a 2021 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award for its multi-pick end-effector that can hold up to 36 items simultaneously and packs four orders at a time. Working as part of a goods-to-robot fulfillment system, this package offers a throughput rate of 90,000 pieces picked and 42,000 orders fulfilled per day.

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