Meet Trey, the autonomous trailer (un)loading forklift

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Gideon, the robotics and AI solutions company, unveiled a self-driving forklift for loading and unloading pallets from truck trailers entirely autonomously, saving more than 80% of a worker’s time

Keeping the supply chains running has never been more challenging, with labor shortages, the irreversible shift to omnichannel, changing customer expectations, and the rippling effects of multiple supply chain shocks. Equally daunting is the task of building future-proof strategies for efficient, sustainable – and sustained – growth.

It’s clear why innovation has become a key priority, and robotics is one of the leading innovation fronts. Robotics and automation adoption rate is expected to surge to nearly 80% over the next five years, up from 28% in 2021, according to a recent Material Handling Institute report based on an extensive survey.

New solutions

Supply chain challenges require new solutions and new ways of work. In today’s volatile environment, traditional methods are not sustainable anymore. And thanks to the latest advances in robotics and autonomy technology, new solutions bring up an exciting potential for capacity, efficiency, and increased safety.

Just like the forklift revolutionized material handling, autonomous robotics is set to give humanity another exponential step up.

Gideon, the robotics and AI solutions company, has unveiled such a pioneering solution – Trey, the self-driving forklift for autonomous truck trailer loading and unloading.

Gideon’s autonomous forklift loads and unloads pallets from trailers entirely autonomously, saving more than 80% of a worker’s time. It operates safely and consistently in dynamic environments, with minimal impact on the existing infrastructure.

AI and 3D vision

The new trailer (un)loading solution combines Gideon’s proprietary autonomy technology powered by AI and 3D vision, user-friendly software for smart workflow orchestration, and a robust, purpose-made chassis by Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp.

What makes Trey so good at its job? In the simplest terms – it’s the robot’s “eyes” and “brains.”

Gideon’s autonomy is based on stereovision cameras, deep learning, and computer vision. The company’s robots understand the world around them, which directly impacts how they navigate any busy loading dock, working safely alongside people and equipment by adjusting to their movements and ever-changing working conditions.

Automation made simple

Thanks to this flexibility, Trey augments human talent, unlocking the potential for employees to focus on higher value-added tasks and increasing their safety. Benefits are immediate:

  • Relieving labor shortage pressure – Trey helps eliminate waste and lets employees focus on value-added tasks, becoming robot fleet supervisors.
  • Increasing throughput – Boosting capacity with two or more Treys per (un)loading task.
  • Raising process stability and efficiency – Automating, orchestrating, and optimizing previously inefficient workflows.
  • Improving the bottom line – Lowering operations and labor costs. Eliminating goods and equipment damage-related costs.
  • Simple to automate at scale – Easy to deploy, use, and scale with minimal impact on companies’ existing infrastructure and workflows.
  • Reducing incidents and damages – Relying on safety beyond industry standards for improved workplace safety and reduced injury-related costs.

Keeping people at the center

Thanks to the proprietary technology that ensures its reliability and ease of use, Trey helps companies grow their operations without compromising safety or efficiency. As a pioneering solution, it can transform trailer loading and unloading operations into standardized, efficient, safe, and reliable autonomous processes.

More importantly, it keeps people at the center. It’s an entirely new tool that empowers millions of essential workers who keep our supply chains running, turning them into automation designers and supervisors.

Discover how to bring your loading dock up to speed with Trey.

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