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DIY lawn mower (<a href="" target="_blank">source</a>)

DIY lawn mower (source)

2017 was a very good year for Makeblock. The kits produced by the company touches the hands of about 2 million users and received an amount of 30 million for investments.

The capital should help the startup compete against a wide variety of tech toy makers that sell kits and apps which teach kids some programming fundamentals.

By 2016 I played with a mBot Ranger. Here is my honest opinion about the kit. But since 2016 there have been no major changes in the Makeblock range of products for robotics enthusiasts, and that’s not very good. The company has in the meantime launched wireless connectivity versions of some of the well-known kits such as mBot and that’s all. Nothing more.

Because I really like their platform, I will leave an idea here that came into my mind while I build from scratch a modular chassis (it is not the chassis in the picture above).

How would be for Makeblock to break the lines from other kit manufacturers like LEGO, LittleBits, ArcBotics, and invest in a new range of kits? Something different than the STEM kits.

They have those metal components to build different robot chassis that can be used in more than a mobile robot to teach programming for young kids.

Their metal components can be used with large DC motors(12V), big wheels (more than 12cm), and an extended chassis to attach a series of sensors that require a generous space like a LiDAR sensor.

In other words, a platform for the big boys who have ideas and wants to use the kit to prototype outdoor robots. A large chassis made with small metallic parts that can be disassembled anytime to build other projects.

PS: I look into the Vex Robotics, but I didn’t find in Europe all the components needed to build my chassis.

Source: IntoRobotics

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