July 2021 robotics investments and acquisitions

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An ABB robot assembles a seat into an automotive

ABB’s acquisition of ASTI Mobile Robotics was one of the more surprising robotics investments in July. 

The Robot Report tracked 36 robotics investments that totaled at least $1.14 billion in funding in July 2021. There also were 9 mergers and acquisitions worth at least $1.58 billion for the month.

The largest round of the month went to Chinese company Meituan, which raised $400 million from Tencent in a stock offering. Meituan, a consumer services company, intends to use the funding to develop autonomous vehicles and drones for local delivery services.

Here is a breakdown of the funding types for June 2021, in order of most to least: Series A (6), Seed (9), Series C (3), Series B (3), Series D (1) and other (11).

U.S.-based companies accounted for 19 funding rounds in July 2021, while China had the second-most at 4. Canada and German each had three robotics companies funded. The table below lists robotics company fundings in millions of U.S. dollars, where amounts were publicly available. If more of the funding amounts become available, we will update the chart.

Robotics Investments July 2021

Company Round Amount ($M) Country Tech
inVia Robotics Series C 30 USA Logistics robots
Untether AI Venture 125 Canada Computing
Covariant Series C 80 USA Logistics robots
Path Robotics Series C 100 USA Robotic welding
HaptX Series A 12 USA Haptics
Skylark Drones Seed 3 India Unmanned aerial vehicles
Keyi Technology Series B China Consumer robots
XYZ Robotics Series B 35 USA Logistics robots
Augmentus Seed Singapore Software
Venti Technologies Seed 8 China Autonomous driving
Kraken Robotics Post-IPO Equity 10 Canada Unmanned underwater vehicles
Pickle Robot Corporate USA Logistics robots
Fernride Series A 7.1 Germany Teleoperation
Vantage Robotics Debt Financing 2 USA Unmanned aerial vehicles
OMNIQ Post-IPO Equity 15 USA Computer vision
Picnic Series A 4.2 USA Food robots
Burro Venture 6 USA Agricultural robots
DaVinci Kitchen Equity Crowdfunding 0.5 Germany Food robots
Luxonis Seed 2 USA Computer vision
Locomation Convertible Note 40 USA Autonomous driving
Udacity Secondary Market 4.4 USA Education
ALBA Robot Debt Financing Italy Autonomous driving
Skycart Seed USA Delivery drones
Swaayatt Robots Seed 3 India Autonomous driving
Cyberdontics Seed 4 USA Healthcare robots
Ghost Robotics Series D 100 USA Autonomous driving
Algolux Series B 18.4 Canada Computer vision
Re-Gen Robotics 5.5 Ireland Tank cleaning robots
Digital Dream Labs Equity Crowdfunding 1 USA Consumer robots
Verve Motion Series A 15 USA Exoskeletons
Mov.ai Seed 3 Portugal Software
Noyes Technologies Seed 3.8 Germany Logistics robots
Neuro42 Series A 6.5 USA Surgical robots
Freetech Series A 100 China Autonomous driving
Meuitan 400 China Autonomous driving/drones
Dangot Computers 7.6 Israel Logistics robots

Robotics mergers & acquisitions

There were 9 mergers and acquisitions in July 2021. One of these acquisitions took place via special purpose acquisition companies or SPAC. Aurora, a developer of autonomous vehicle technology, merged with Reinvent Technology Partners Y in a $1 billion deal. The combined company, which will be named Aurora Innovation Inc. and trade on the NASDAQ with the symbol “AUR,” is reportedly valued at $13 billion.

SPACs have become a hot investment mechanism in robotics, as well as many other industries. Berkshire Grey, Sarcos Robotics, Vicarious Surgical, and a slew of LiDAR companies, have or will also be going public via SPACs.

Two companies developing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) were acquired. Zebra Technologies kicked off the month with the purchase of Fetch Robotics for $290 million. Fetch Robotics generates annualized run-rate sales of approximately $10 million. And ASTI Mobile Robotics, a Spanish company, was acquired by industrial robot leader ABB for an undisclosed amount.

Novanta, a precision photonics and motion control company, made two acquisitions. It first acquired motion control provider Schneider Electric Motion USA for $115 million in cash. One week later, it acquired end of arm tooling leader ATI Industrial Automation for $172 million cash.

Acquirer Acquired Company Amount ($M) Tech Story
Zebra Technologies Fetch Robotics 290 Logistics robots Read Story
Integrity Implants Fusion Robotics Surgical robots Read Story
enVista HCM Systems Systems integrator Read Story
Novanta Schneider Electric Motion USA 115 Motion Control Read Story
Red Cat Holdings Teal Drones Unmanned aerial vehicles Read Story
Toyota Carmera Autonomous driving Read Story
Reinvent Technology Partners Y Aurora 1000 (SPAC) Autonomous driving Read Story
Novanta ATI Industrial Automation 172 End of arm tooling Read Story
ABB ASTI Mobile Robotics Logistics robots Read Story

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