Jasmin and Lavender disinfection robots launched by Geek+ worldwide in response to pandemic

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Nearly every week lately, a university or a robotics startup puts out a new disinfection robot in reaction to the novel coronavirus crisis. Relatively few of these mobile robots are ready for wide commercial or hospital use. Today, Geekplus Technology Co. said it has launched disinfection robots “Jasmin” and “Lavender” worldwide.

Lavender uses ultraviolet light to disinfect, while Jasmin uses liquid agents for swift and automated sterilization, claimed Geek+. The two autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are designed to automatically avoid obstacles and to work around the clock in spaces including warehouses, offices, schools, stores, transportation stations, and hospitals.

“The pandemic has endangered global health, put a strain on large parts of society, and pushed many businesses to a halt,” stated Yong Zheng, founder and CEO of Geek+.As the world slowly reopens, AMRs can play a key role in safeguarding workers and the public and guaranteeing business continuity. Our two disinfection robots are designed to operate as public health guardians and fully support workers and companies in this global crisis. Geek+ is committed to providing the best technology to guarantee safe and effective operations.”

The latest disinfection robots rolled out to fight COVID-19 are not just a research project or a small trial. Geek+ was founded in 2015, has more than 800 employees, and has deployed more than 10,000 robots at 300 customers worldwide. The Beijing-based company has offices in the U.S., Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the U.K.

Geek+ has expanded its materials handling and service robotics presence and was among the winners of the 2020 RBR50 innovation awards.

Jasmin and Lavender designed to disinfect autonomously

The disinfection robots can run and recharge without human intervention, said Geek+. They use simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to navigate and multiple sensors to detect objects so they can operate in complex environments. Jasmin and Lavender also support elevator integration, said the company.

Lavender’s UV light effectively kills 99.99% of germs, and Jasmin’s liquid spray reaches a kill rate of 99.99% of germs depending on concentration and type of liquid agent, according to Geek+. It added that the disinfection robots can conduct comprehensive scanning for thorough disinfection.

Geek+ said it has delivered 3 million products in China during the lockdown period. Lavender and Jasmin were first available for preorder in May. “The In the face of the global crisis, Geek+ solutions have proven highly resilient, supporting business continuity and enabling remote operations,” the company said.

“Secure your workflow and leave the redundant and unsafe task of disinfecting to our new health guardians, Lavender and Jasmin”, added Yong Zheng.

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