Jack in the Box to pilot Miso Robotics’ Flippy

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Miso Robotics’ Flippy and Sippy are being deployed at a Jack in the Box restaurant. | Source: Miso Robotics

Miso Robotics has partnered with Jack in the Box. Miso Robotics will be installing its Flippy 2 and Sippy products at one of the chain’s standalone locations to free up workers and allow them to focus on customer-facing tasks. Jack in the Box will be testing the integration of the robots and the benefits of a connected kitchen. 

“Beginning our journey with a premier brand like Jack in the Box is an enormous step in our commitment to helping restaurants increase throughput, reduce costs and create a safer environment for their staff,” Mike Bell, CEO of Miso Robotics, said. “From tacos and curly fries to fountain sodas, the future is now for Jack in the Box, and we are ecstatic to serve as the company’s technological arm to assure a quality product gets into its customers’ hands every time they order.”

Flippy 2 is a frying robot capable of handling about 60 frying baskets per hour, according to the company. It’s the latest model of the Flippy robot, and it includes upgrades like automatic dispensing and AutoBin options. AutoBin can handle specialty foods like onion rings and chicken tenders with customizable bins. Flippy 2 is also more compact than previous versions of the robot, making it easier to fit into small kitchens. 

Sippy is the company’s automatic beverage dispenser and sealer. The robot moves cups along a fully automatic conveyor, and dispenses precise amounts of ice and beverages into each one. It groups cups by orders and seals them with an airtight seal. 

“This collaboration with Miso Robotics is a stepping stone for our back-of-house restaurant operations. We are confident that this technology will be a good fit to support our growing business needs with intentions of having a positive impact on our operations while promoting safety and comfort to our team members,” Tony Darden, chief operating officer at Jack in the Box, said. “We are looking forward to testing Flippy 2 as our new hire at our San Diego location!”

Miso Robotics’ Flippy 2 is currently being deployed at 100 White Castle restaurants across the U.S. The company announced in February 2022 that While Castle has decided to expand its partnership that began in 2020 with Miso Robotics’ first deployment with the company. 

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