Inside ABB’s acquisition of ASTI Mobile Robotics

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We talk to Sami Atiya, CEO of ABB Robotics and Verónica Pascual, CEO of ASTI Mobile Robotics to get their insights on the recently announced acquisition of Spanish company ASTI Mobile Robotics. The two companies have deployed their solutions to multiple, mutual customers in Europe in recent years.

An ABB robot assembles a seat into an automotive

ABB and ASTI have already been deployed into applications at common customers in Europe. | Image credit: ABB

The combination of companies and products will establish the worldwide ABB mobile robotics development center in Borgas Spain (the current location of ASTI), while extending the reach of ASTI from 20 countries to 50+ countries. ASTI CEO Verónica Pascual will take on the role as leader of the new ABB mobile robotics division.

What does this mean for the future of mobile robots?

Also on the show this week, we talk to Ash Sharma, managing director at Interact Analysis. Steve, Mike and Ash discuss the ASTI acquisition and what it might means for the future of the rest of the mobile robotics industry.

Is this the start of an acquisition frenzy? Who might be next on the acquisition block? Tune in to find out.

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