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Dean Crumlish, Applications and Product Manager

The servo control gripper is mostly seen in industries due to the convenience and control in using it. The movement of the gripper jaws is controlled and assisted by electronic motors that are highly flexible and allow different material tolerances when handling parts. The clean structure and no air lines make them cost effective.

To support Industrial Robotics, Copley Controls has introduced IES donut Drive for integrating into robotic arms and end effect grippers. The IES-060-30 is a single-board servo drive designed for mounting in robotic joints.

The IES is a compact light weighted drive, with mini connectors for integrating into tight spaces. It has an ability to deliver two horsepower peaks (50V @30A) for one second folding back to one horsepower (50V@15) continuous.

With the ability to control torque or force of 10Nm down to 0.002Nm, with a current resolution of 10mA, adjusting one parameter on the fly provides for fast dynamic response. The IES is highly responsive with fast update rates. The IES comes with fully programmable functionality and a haptic analog input. Control can be simple I/O, commanded over RS232, or EtherCAT at 250us update rate.

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Dean Crumlish
Applications and Product Manager
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