IDS Imaging releases ultra-compact Ensenso S10 3D camera

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IDS Imaging Ensenso S10 3D camera

IDS Imaging’s Ensenso S10 3D camera.

IDS Imaging Development Systems introduced its Ensenso S10 industrial-grade 3D camera. The Ensenso S10 has an ultra-compact, IP65/67-protected housing and generates 3D data using laser point triangulation, supported by artificial intelligence.

IDS said the Ensenso S10 is suitable for a wide range of applications and delivers robust 3D information even in low ambient light. It is equipped with a 1.6 MP Sony sensor and operates on a laser-based 3D process. A narrow-band infrared laser projector creates a high-contrast dot pattern – even on objects with difficult surfaces or in low-light environments.

The camera’s laser point triangulation is accelerated by a neural network and enables reliable mapping of the captured pattern points to the hard-coded positions of the projection. This results in robust and geometrically precise 3D data with high depth accuracy. At object distances of 50 cm, the maximum deviation is only 0.6 mm. At full projector power, the 3D camera achieves up to 20 point clouds per second with consistently high quality and resolution.

With a rugged zinc die-cast housing, a 60° field of view, and a working range of 0.5 to 3 meters, the 3D camera can be used universally and is suitable for industrial applications with high cost-efficiency. Combined with the Ensenso SDK, it is also quickly and easily integrated into many applications where, for example, variant objects need to be safely gripped in large numbers or obstacles need to be detected for collision-free movements of robots and UAVs. The Ensenso S10 is also at home in logistics automation, as well as in robotics or in the agricultural sector.

Here is a quick look at the specs of the Ensenso S10.

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