How 2 former Navy SEALs built robot subs for ocean exploration

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This week, Eugene Demaitre and I speak with Jud Kauffman and Joe Wolfel, co-founders of Terradepth. Founded in 2018, the Austin, Texas-based startup is developing autonomous submarines for deep ocean exploration. Its long-term goal is to build the Google Earth of the ocean. They discuss the challenges and opportunities of Terradepth’s mission and how their Naval experience is playing a vital role.

We also catch-up with Nader Elm, CEO and co-founder of Exyn Technologies. Exyn is a spin-off of the GRASP Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania that builds autonomous drones that are operating in GPS-denied environments such as mines. We discuss the challenges of developing and deploying fully autonomous drones in such environments, how COVID-19 has impacted Exyn’s business, and what other types of robots could benefit from Exyn’s autonomy stack.


Concept of Terradepth’s multi-submarine approach to autonomous ocean exploration. | Credit: Terradepth

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Podcast timestamps

  • 0-3:11 Show Intro
  • 3:12-36:53: Conversation with Jud Kauffman and Joe Wolfel, co-founders, Terradepth
  • 36:54-37:48: RoboBusiness Direct Preview
  • 37:49-1:10:20: Conversation with Nader Elm, CEO and co-founder, Exyn Technologies
  • 1:10:21-1:11:09: Show Outro

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