Holiday robot wishlist for/from Women in Robotics


Are you looking for a gift for the women in robotics in your life? Or the up and coming women in robotics in your family? Perhaps these suggestions from our not-for-profit Women in Robotics organization will inspire! We hope these are also good suggestions for non binary people in robotics, and I personally reckon they are ideal for men in the robotics community too. It’s all about the robotics, eh!

Plus OMG it’s less than 50 days until 2023!!! So we’re going to do a countdown with a social media post every day until Dec 31st featuring one of the recent ’50 women in robotics you need to know about 2022′. It’s in a random order and today we have…

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Holiday gift ideas

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From Aniekan @_aniekan_

From @mdn_nrbl

From Vanessa Van Decker @VanessaVDecker

From Andra @robotlaunch

Do you have a great robot gift idea?

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