Heidenhain releases MRS angular encoder modules for robot arms

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Heidenhain MRS Angle Encoders

Heidenhain’s new MRS angular encoder modules for robot arms. | Credit: Heidenhain

Heidenhain’s new MRS encoder module series for robotic arms has been expanded and is now available with redesigned embedded bearings to better withstand outside tilting forces. This new compact and all-inclusive design also significantly simplifies the installation process.

The new MRS 2280 and 2281 encoder modules have been designed for use in tilting and rotary axes with high tilting rigidity bearings, making them ideal for measuring arms and measuring robots. Overall, the MRS 2200 series provides options with an easily mountable ultra-compact design, system accuracy of ±10”, and tilt resistance of up to 52 Nm/mrad tilt resistance.

Like Heidenhain’s other angle encoder modules, each of the new MRP 2200 encoder modules consist of a high accuracy angle encoder and robust embedded bearings that form one compact module. Because the bearing and encoder components are already ideally aligned and adjusted, builders can forego having to make those typical complex adjustments reducing their installation efforts up to 70%.

Heidenhain also recently introduced its KCI 120 Dplus rotary encoder. This new absolute encoder provides both reliable feedback to a robot’s motor and accurate position measurement to its controller to enable safe and accurate motion.

The compact KCI 120 Dplus encoder consists of one scanning head and two different types of rotor units, all connectable to a controller/drive via a single cable. Only 20 mm in height, its small footprint and low weight makes it useful in tight installation spaces, rendering it useful for a variety of high-accuracy motion control applications.

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