Heidenhain introduces dual encoder for robots

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Heidenhain KCI 120 Dplus

Designed to fulfill two critical needs via a single component in high-accuracy robots, Heidenhain introduced its KCI 120 Dplus rotary encoder. This new absolute encoder provides both reliable feedback to a robot’s motor and accurate position measurement to its controller to enable safe and accurate motion.

The compact KCI 120 Dplus encoder consists of one scanning head and two different types of rotor units, all connectable to a controller/drive via a single cable. Only 20 mm in height, its small footprint and low weight makes it useful in tight installation spaces, rendering it useful for a variety of high-accuracy motion control applications.

The rigid design of this new two-in-one encoder from Heidenhain permits high vibration loads of up to 400 m/s² on the stator and 600 m/s² on the rotor. And thanks to its inductive scanning method, the KCI 120 Dplus rotary encoder is resistant to contamination and magnetic fields.

The KCI 120 Dplus encoder is available with functional safety capability and, with measures in the control, can achieve SIL 3 safety rating. This allows manufacturers to minimize malfunctions and facilitate the safe operation of its associated machines and automated systems.

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