Harmonic Drive adds RSF-5 mini actuator with integrated servo drive

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Harmonic Drive announced its new RSF-5 miniature actuator with an integrated servo drive. This evolutionary product eliminates the need for an external drive and greatly simplifies cabling while retaining high-positional accuracy and torsional stiffness in a compact housing.

The RSF Mini and Supermini series is a family of compact actuators that deliver high torque with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. As part of the RSF Supermini family, an integrated servo drive version utilizing CANopen communication is now available. Since it communicates via CANopen, only 4 conductors are needed: CANH, CANL, +24VDC, 0VDC. A single-turn 14bit (16384 cpr) gear output sensing encoder has been integrated.

Harmonic Drive RSF-5Harmonic’s U.S.-based engineering team incorporated more features and capabilities into this actuator while maintaining a compact size and low mass.

Here are the key features of the RSF-5:

  • Actuator + Integrated Servo Drive utilizing CANopen communication conforming to DS402 and DS301
  • 24VDC Nominal +7 to 30VDC Supply Voltage Range
  • Single Axis BLDC Motor Controller/Driver with CAN & TTL-UART Interface
  • Field Oriented Control
  • Single Cable with only 4 conductors needed: CANH, CANL, +24VDC, 0VDC
  • Zero Backlash
  • Pigtail Connectors with 2 exit options
  • 14bit (16384 cpr) resolution motor encoder
  • Control Modes Including Torque, Velocity, and Position Control, CSP, CSV, CST
  • Harmonic Drive HDL Software for initial tuning, commissioning, and analysis
  • Homing modes include: single-ended, double-ended, double-ended with 16bit autoscale hardstop homing or teachable position

The RSF-5B-IDT Miniature actuator joins the recently released family of FHA-Mini integrated actuators.

Harmonic Drive won a 2020 RBR50 Innovation Award for its purpose-built headquarters and manufacturing facility in Beverly, Mass. that opened in January 2020. Approximately two-thirds of the 97,000 sq. ft. facility is dedicated to manufacturing. The space is also optimized for gear production and parts flow.

The facility more than doubles the square footage of the location it replaced. Company representatives have stated the new plant will allow it to increase its manufacturing capacity by several hundred percent, partially in anticipation of strong robotics sector growth. They also noted that the state-of-the-art site will allow Harmonic Drive to manufacture more efficiently, and thereby increase production capacity and lower overall costs.

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