Flexxbotics brings in $2.9M in Series A funding

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flexx reference hardware

The hardware component of Flexx Reference, which is a 6-degree offset tool that makes any Universal Robot Flexible. | Source: Flexxbotics

Flexxbotics, a resident of MassRobotics, announced that it brought in $2.9 million in Series A financing. The company focuses on improving robot utilization and efficiency. 

eCoast Angels, an investment group that focuses on early-stage companies developing technology solutions, led the funding round. Flexxbotics plans to use the funding to accelerate the global commercialization of its cloud-based manufacturing management software platform, the Flexx Connect platform.

The platform comes equipped with productivity tools, including the Flexx Reference and Flexx Beacon that help reduce complexity and setup time when repurposing a robot.  

“Flexxbotics was appealing to us as investors because they are taking a novel approach to connect information from business systems directly with the devices/machines in shop floor workcells,” Peter Schroer, a member of eCoast Angels, said. “This has long been a critical gap for manufacturing companies and we expect rapid adoption of their product in the coming months as the company rolls out its new technology.”

The company’s platform provides a no-code tool kit that allows discrete manufacturers to have a tighter grip on process control, capture relevant operations data and automate workcell setup. Flexxbotics focuses on collaborative robots from Universal Robots (UR) and is a UR+ certified partner in North America. 

“Flexxbotics is focused on the mission of helping discrete manufacturing companies complete the digital transformation. These companies have struggled with the challenge of connecting ERP, MES, and other modern business systems with the legacy production equipment on the shop floor,” Tyler Bouchard, co-founder and CEO of Flexxbotics, said. “Our vision is to change that by providing a turnkey tool kit to seamlessly connect robots, CNC machines, PLCs, and other manufacturing with each other through a shop floor communications mesh.”

Flexxbotics was founded in 2018 by Bouchard and Tyler Modelski, now the CTO. The company began as a spinout of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and joined MassRobotics in August 2021. MassRobotics is an independent, nonprofit organization serving as an innovation hub for robotics and connected devices companies. 

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