FlexQube receives an order for 6 robotic eQarts

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FlexQube eQarts

FlexQube eQarts are completely configurable to the needs of the application. | Photo Credit: FlexQube

Through a dealer in the US, FlexQube has received an order for six robotic eQarts to a customer in Georgia. The eQarts will be delivered in September 2021, and this is the first time FlexQube received an order for as many as six robotic carts. The customer will deploy them as a combined conveyor and assembly cart and function as a moving assembly line solution.

The eQart Line product was the first launched product within the eQart product family and is a modular robotic cart system that uses software technology FlexQube has developed inhouse. The eQart Line uses camera technology to follow a colored line/tape on the floor and laser scanners for safety.

Anders Fogelberg, CEO at FlexQube, comments: β€œIt is encouraging to see that we are able to bring in new customers through a dealer like this and it is a clear evidence that an expansion of our brand via partners leverage our business and brings us closer to potential customers. Given the type of product which has a mix of hardware and software, we are also able to maintain a higher gross profit with our eQart products, even when we work through a dealer.”

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