Flange-Based Hand-Eye Calibration Using a 3D Camera With High Resolution, Accuracy, and Frame Rate


Point cloud data provides three-dimensional (3D) measurement of the geometric details in the physical world, which relies heavily on the quality of the machine vision system. In this paper, we explore the potentials of a 3D scanner of high quality (15 million points per second), accuracy (up to 0.150 mm), and frame rate (up to 20 FPS) during static and dynamic measurements of the robot flange for direct hand-eye calibration and trajectory error tracking. With the availability of high-quality point cloud data, we can exploit the standardized geometric features on the robot flange for 3D measurement, which are directly accessible for hand-eye calibration problems. In the meanwhile, we tested the proposed flange-based calibration methods in a dynamic setting to capture point cloud data in a high frame rate. We found that our proposed method works robustly even in dynamic environments, enabling a versatile hand-eye calibration during motion. Furthermore, capturing high-quality point cloud data in real-time opens new doors for the use of 3D scanners, capable of detecting sensitive anomalies of refined details even in motion trajectories. Codes and sample data of this calibration method is provided at Github (https://github.com/ancorasir/flange_handeye_calibration).

Source: frontier

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