Doosan Robotics working on new A Series cobots

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Doosan Robotics A Series cobot
Doosan Robotics A Series cobot. | Credit: Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics is working on new A Series collaborative robot arms. The A Series lineup, which was unveiled for the first time at the Korea Machinery Fair 2019 in Ilsan, South Korea, consists of the A0509, A0509s, A0912, and A0912s.

We haven’t seen any information about specs, pricing, or availability, so information about the A Series is vague at the moment. The Robot Report will update this article when it learns more.

At the Korea Machinery Fair, however, the Doosan Robotics A Series cobots demonstrated various tasks they could assist with. For example, five cobots assembled an industrial hydrogen drone with a worker.  Doosan Robotics also demonstrated conveyor tracking, welding, gear assembly, and more. The A Series cobots also showed of their barista and drawing skills.

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Doosan Robotics spun out of parent company Doosan Group, one of the oldest and biggest companies in South Korea, in 2015. Its first cobot line, the M Series, was first shown at an event in 2017. In late September, the M Series launched in China. Since we don’t have much about the Doosan Robotics A Series cobots just yet, here are the basic specs for the company’s M Series:

“[The A Series cobots are] created based on the product philosophy of Doosan, which persistently pursues the best quality,” said a company spokesperson. “We will lead the cobot market with differentiated advantages such as overwhelming speed, Intelligent Safety based on deep learning, and the excellent price competitiveness.”

Doosan Robotics is opening its first headquarters in the United States by the end of 2019. Located in Buford, Georgia, the US headquarters will lead sales, marketing, training, and service for customers in the Americas.

As for the collaborative robot arm market, ABI Research predicts sales will increase nearly 50% by 2025. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) recently released its annual World Robotics Report. For the first time, the report tracked the number of collaborative robots sold worldwide. According to the IFR, less than 14,000 cobots were sold in 2018, accounting for 3.24% of total industrial robot sales. However, the 2018 numbers are an increase of 23% from the 11,000 cobots that were sold in 2017.

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