Doosan Robotics debuts 6 cobot arms

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Doosan Robotics
Doosan Robotics’s new A Series features four new cobot arms. | Credit: Doosan Robotics

Way back in November 2019, which seems like a lifetime ago with the COVID-19 pandemic, Doosan Robotics teased its A Series cobot arms at the Korea Machinery Fair. Doosan today finally released details about four cobots in the A Series and another two new cobots in the H Series.

Doosan said it will ship the new cobots through its global sales network starting this August. The A Series, which consists of the A0509, A0509s, A0912 and A0912s, offers a payload range of 5kg to 9kg. Each model features advanced safety algorithms that protect human workers and meets the safety standards set by TÜV SÜD, an accredited international testing & certification organization.

The A Series cobots also offer mountable force torque sensors enable the A-SERIES cobots to provide the versatility required by many applications such as polishing and assembly.

The H Series cobots, comprised of the H2017 and H2515, offer 1.7m reach and up to 25kg payload. Doosan said the H Series cobots are equipped with six torque sensors on all six axes. Doosan said logistics and automotive applications are particularly well suited for the H Series.

Of course, Doosan is still offering its original M Series cobots that includes the M0609, M1509, M1013, and M0617. These cobots offer reaches between 900-1,700 millimeters and payload capacities of 6-15 kg. The four M Series cobots are equipped with six torque sensors in every joint.

Here are the complete spec sheets for Doosan’s A Series, H Series and M Series. Below is a quick comparison of all of Doosan’s cobots:

Comparison of Doosan Robotics Cobots

NameDOFPayload (kg)Reach (mm)Repeatability (mm)
M060966900± 0.05
M1509615900± 0.05
M10136101300± 0.05
M0617661700± 0.1
A050965900± 0.03
A0509S65900± 0.03
A0912691200± 0.03
A0912S691200± 0.03
H20176201700± 0.1
H25156251500± 0.1

Doosan Robotics spun out of parent company Doosan Group, one of the oldest and biggest companies in South Korea, in 2015. The M Series was first shown at an event in 2017.

ABI Research predicts collaborative robot sales will increase nearly 50% by 2025. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) recently released its annual World Robotics Report. For the first time, the report tracked the number of collaborative robots sold worldwide. According to the IFR, less than 14,000 cobots were sold in 2018, accounting for 3.24% of total industrial robot sales. However, the 2018 numbers are an increase of 23% from the 11,000 cobots that were sold in 2017.

Doosan Robotics H Series cobot
Doosan Robotics debuted two cobots in its H Series. | Credit: Doosan Robotics

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