Distalmotion Dexter surgical robot receives European CE Mark

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Distalmotion’s Dexter surgical robot won a 2020 iF World Design Guide award. | Credit: Distalmotion

Distalmotion, a Swiss-based medical device startup, received the European CE Mark for its Dexter surgical robot. Manufactured in Switzerland, Dexter combines the affordability of laparoscopy with the benefits of robotic surgery for minimally-invasive surgical care.

Dexter features two robotic arms that can be individually re-aligned to change trocar sites during surgery. The system also features fully articulated, single-use 8mm instruments for suturing and dissection, providing a standard line-up of mono- and bipolar instruments.

Dexter allows operating teams to switch between laparoscopic and robotic surgery at any time during a procedure. Dexter is as an open platform that is compatible with all laparoscopic technology. It can be used with any commercial laparoscopic tower. This gives surgeons the option to operate with their preferred imaging system, whether it be 4K, 3D, ICG or any other current or future imaging technology.

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The CE Mark announced today follows Dexter successful validation earlier in 2020 when surgeons and nurses from leading European hospitals, across urology, gynecology and general surgery, confirmed Dexter’s clinical benefits and value.

“Obtaining European CE Mark is a major milestone paving the ground for the clinical use of Dexter in Europe,” said Distalmotion CEO Michael Friedrich. “Dexter has already garnered tremendous interest in the surgical community and we look forward to answering the increasing demand for a medical device removing the complexity out of robotic surgery to fast track its widespread adoption in minimally invasive surgical care. Following the validation of our product clinical value and benefits earlier this year, I am now looking forward to starting a broader movement allowing every patient to access the benefits of robotic surgery.”

Distalmotion worked closely with McKinsey Design to bring the vision of Dexter to life. After daily iterations and hundreds of prototypes of grippers, triggers, armrests, robotic arms, mechanical joints, interaction surfaces, cable routing, and drapes, Dexter is now ready for clinical use. Watch the video below to learn more about the evolution of the Dexter surgical robot.

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